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If you are not familiar with crypto currency trading or how to make
or how to make money with BItcoin you have stumbled on something unique.

I recently watched a video of a mother of four who barely had $100 to her name a few years ago but now earns thousands of dollars per day. She had little experience online, mostly with failed business ventures and had no financial background whatsoever.

She stumbled upon a Free Crypto Currency Trading Course that actually gave her one real world make money with bitcoin strategy that helped her start earning a few dollars per day.

With tenacity and perseverance she started generating small returns and decided to become a paying member of this little known online community that is on a mission to teach average people how to profit from bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Fast forward to March of 2020 and she had her best day trading crypto from home and earned slightly over $3,900.00! I decided to check out the FREE cryptocurrency education and training course myself and I am truly excited about the potential for anyone no matter what their age or experience has with the FREE Crypto Currency Strategy Training Course.

If you have any interest in generating job killing income in your spare time from home you can start your journey FREE by visiting The ICoinPro website, enter in your personal details and within seconds you will be given access to a potential blueprint to financial freedom for the rest of your life.

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Get Paid To Watch ads? Is it Really Possible? Ads Earn Bitcoin Believes It Has The Answer.

Years ago a new industry emerged called “Revenue Sharing” one pioneering company was called Ad Surf Daily. It was a unique concept that actually paid people a share of daily profits based on what they spent on advertising and how many ads they viewed in a day.

The program was ultimately shut down due to claims it was an unsustainable model and potentially a ponzi scheme. Fast forward to today May 23rd 2020 and there is a new emergence of similar programs but now with multiple streams of income and zero funds paid out if there are no profits.

Companies like AdsEarnBtc are revolutionizing the industry with real advertising people pay handsomely for even if there were no opportunity to earn cash back on their purchases of up to 135%.

Ads Earn Bitcoin also ads another layer of appeal to their offer by exclusively accepting only cryptocurrency for their advertising products.

They even allow FREE members to perform simple actions such as getting paid to click or paid to do a specific action like register for a website or watch a video. Something simple.

Unlike the old ad surfing programs Ads Earn Bitcoin has a cap on what people can withdraw daily which prevents people with big money from buying a huge amount of advertising and withdrawing huge daily profits.

The owner is Jim Watts a serial entrepreneur who was fed up with losing money to programs that either just ran with the money or mismanaged them to the point the program collapsed.

Jim makes it clear that funds are only paid out if there are profits made the day prior so in his own words “no funny money here”. He also clearly states that the website is an advertising website first that puts targeted eyeballs on any offer you may choose to promote, especially if you are promoting anything in the Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency space.

If you are interested in earning an extra $100-$500 per day viewing ads, doing simple tasks or watching youtube videos you may want to consider giving ads earn bitcoin a shot. There is no cost to join and do a few actions.

If you are involved in any type of cryptocurrency program you may want to consider buying some advertising and watching at least 10 others ads per day to earn up to 3% daily cash back on your advertising!

If you decide to share it with others you can earn and withdraw up to $500 per day to do so. The Ads Earn BTC website is currently in the top 15000 most visited websites in the world.

There is no requirement to become a member to advertise. This makes the program unique as well. Anyone can buy advertising without joining and the profits from that advertising is shared with all members who view at least 10 ads per day and have active advertising packages themselves.

One of the things that makes Ads Earn Btc appealing to work at home bizopp seekers is there is no sponsoring, recruiting or selling required to start earning 7 days per week.

The concept is simple, Get Paid To Watch Ads, Get Cash Back on your advertising and get quality leads for any product, service or opportunity you choose to promote. You choose to participate in one or all of the potential activities that can give your income an extra boost.

Passive income through ad surfing programs has truly evolved and Ads Earn Bitcoin is a prime example of what’s possible when its done right.

Prosper Everyday Business Opportunity Review

Prosper Every Day owned by Steven Seppinni is
destined to make its mark in the home based business
arena for a number of reasons.

The products alone are worth way more than
people invest in the business opportunity.

The compensation plan is truly unique.

The primary product features the Money Now Method
Program authored by Andrew Lock who hosts the
#1 Rated Itunes Show. The program has been the number
one show on itunes for the past 7 years!

A person can literally join the program for a one
time $100 plus a $39 admin fee and get access to
the Money Now Method which is currently selling
online for $995.00.

Don’t believe me? Check out the program on
here and look at the sales price of $995.

Prosper Everyday has changed the game by allowing
people to get 10 times the value for their money
when they join. The course teaches 10 little known
methods of generating $500-$2000 per month or more
Part- time WITHOUT any recruiting or sponsoring of

If you choose to share the program with others
the compensation plan offers a truly unique
concept that allows all members to benefit from
sales that come into the entire company world wide.

In a nutshell you enroll in the program by paying
a $100 fee plus $39 admin fee and get access to
the $995 retail product that teaches you 10 ways
to create a lucrative spare time income online.

If you choose to refer others you benefit from
all sales in the company the following way.
Say you refer John then John refers Mary.
After the next 10 sales made by anyone in the world
join the program YOU get paid $500.00.

This is the tip of the iceberg. Learn more about
Prosper Everyday by visiting.

5.23.20 update. This program failed miserably years ago. This post
is being kept on my blog as a reference to another failed program offered by Steven Seppini. 

MMM Global Mutual Aid Community 20-100% Per Month WITHOUT HYIP


MMM Global is a world wide community of mutual financial
aid. It is not a bank an online business or HYIP Investment.
The goal is to help those who need financial help and allow
those who are in the capacity to provide financial help a
platform that can be used to help each other.

The program is a PEER to PEER community that uses Bitcoin
exclusively for all transactions. The program is considered
a pyramid or ponzi by many and participants are warned and
agree, BEFORE they choose to register, that there are no
guarantees of any kind and that they may never receive anything
from the program. Despite the warning over 138 Million Participants
world wide are active in the community.

One of the most amazing attributes of the program is that even
after you decide you will Provide Help to another member you may
have to wait 3 or more days for the system to identify someone who
needs help! This essentially means there are more people attempting
to get funds ino the program than there are who want to get funds out!

This is a huge twist from what most people would call a ponzi. In fact
the community takes it a step further and actually pays people a 5% bonus
for simply recording a video confirming their receipt of funds when
requesting help ( a withdraw) from the system. YES they actually pay
members to take money OUT of the system!

The entire community is based upon the MOVEMENT of money virtually
the same way the banking system does. The one huge difference is
that only the elite get to share in the profits of the banking
system whereas the community members of MMMGlobal benefit from
virtually the same model.

MMMGlobal is a community of people providing financial
help on the principle of gratuitousness, reciprocity and
benevolence. All transactions external to the system happen
through BITCOIN. Internal transactions happen through system credit
called Mavro.

In MMM you don’t have to make contracts or pledge your
property. In MMM there are no lenders and no debtors.
Everything is very simple: one participant asks for help —
another one helps.

The only thing that MMM demands from its participants is to
be honest and kind to each other. You ask for financial help
when you need it, you give financial help when you are able
to do it.

MMMGlobal and Bitcoin are the perfect marriage. Bitcoin
has revolutionized the concept of money and how it is
transacted as does the MMM Mutual Aid Community.
This combination of MMM and BITCOIN ideas of fair and free
financial system make it possible for this grass roots community
to make significant changes across the globe.

There is no ?entral account, where all the money flows
to (and where it can be easily stolen from). All the
money is distributed between the participants! Participants
transfer BITCOINS directly to each other, without
intermediaries! In reality MMM is merely a platform that
allows members to interact within a predefined set of regulations.
The System completely belongs to people. Its essentially
a peer to peer crowdfunding program where participants
receive funds regulated by system perameters but distributed
by individual participants.
Here is how the system works in a nutshell. You register
to becom a participant in the community for FREE.
Next you declare your willingness to give help
(this is done in your Personal Office hereinafter referred to as PO)
You click a button titled “Provide Help”), after that
your account will be credited with Mavro (internal currency
of the System). Your Mavro’s will start to grow from
the moment of deposit. And the rate of growth is from
20% to 100% per month. (Calculation of
interests occurs every day at 00:00 GMT.) The Mavro value
of your account determines how much money you can request to
withdraw by selecting the Get Help button in your back office.

The reason the growth potential is not fixed but in the
range of 20% — 100% per month is because of an OPTIONAL program called
MMM Extra. This model allows each participant to exchange ONE
simple task per day for additional Mavro that will grow the
account Mavro to 100% per month of the original amount deposited
(Provide Help amount)

Each day a list of available tasks is visible in your
PO and the intent is to provide additional exposure for
the community. If you do ONE task per day your account
will grow at a rate of 100% per month instead of just 20%.
In order to make your Mavro grow up to 100% per month you
have to perform these tasks on a daily basis and your Mavro
will grow on daily basis as well.

The system provides complete step by step instructions
on how to perform each tasks complete with screenshots
to make sure you are doing the task correctly.
The tasks are simple and take anywhere from 5-10 minutes to complete
in most cases.

As an example of how it works, lets say you choose to
provide help in amount of $100. You will be credited in
your PO with 100 Mavros. They will immediately start to
grow every day!

The rate of growth is fixed at 20% per month UNLESS you
choose to perform the daily tasks. If you perform tasks
every day, you get 100% growth that month. It means, that in a month
your initial 100 Mavros will turn into 200 Mavros.
Accordingly, you will be able to Get Help (withdraw) $200
at the current BITCOIN exchange rate.

You do NOT have to wait for a month to request help from the
system. You can request help any time you choose. Each time
you request to Get Help (withdraw) from the system you will
have the funds in your bitcoin account within 36 hours!

In fact the community even offers you a BONUS of the
amount you request to Get Help (withdraw) if you record a short
video sharing your happiness for receiving the withdraw from the
community. If your face is in the video you get a 5% bonus
if you use a power point or slides without your face you get
a 3 % bonus.
Really think about the fact that this is the only venture
I am aware of that not only encourages you to withdraw
but actually pays you a cash bonus for requesting a withdraw
for simply sharing the fact that you have been paid!

Learn more then get yourself registered with  MMMGlobal
at no cost a.s.a.p.

UPDATE as of 5.23.20 virtually all programs online referencing Sergey Mavrodi or MMM are scams. We had a great run with the original but I am sad to say those days are gone.  If you’re truly interested in profiting from Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency I suggest learning a High Income Skill like Trading Cryptocurrency on your own. Get a FREE Bitcoin Trading Strategy Course and your first money making method HERE. 

AdCoin XS Passive Income Plan (Had Potential but Flopped!)

The following post is for information purposes only. The company and product no longer exists as of July 2015. The program actually died well before then.

Here is the original post I wrote on the program. The links now redirect you to the leading product on the market if you are interested primarily in the streaming tv box.

If you have not heard of Ad Coin XS and the View XS Streaming Media Player you soon will.  This company has recently emerged as a hot item in the revenue share and
passive income arena. The company primarily sells web marketing services and marketing tools. They also plan to sell a number of real products the first of which has me wildly excited.

Its called the View XS Streaming Media Player and it is out of this world! I received my unit today and immediately connected it to my tv to see what all the hype is about. Needless to say in just a few minutes I was blown away by the HUGE quantity of movies, current and older available for view at no cost! I was even more blown away by some of the apps available and most importantly the realistic potential to dramatically drop my comcast cable bill!

Here is a picture of the unit I received

Ad Coin XS View XS Streaming Media Player

The only thing missing for me was my local channels, abc, nbc, cbs, fox pbs and wphl channel 17. I ran do home depot and picked up a $28.00 antennae and whala! I now had 56 local channels for FREE plus all the movies I could ever want to watch and more! I immediately ripped out the comcast box and packed it and the remote it came with into a box I will be taking to a drop off center. This unit will save me hundreds per year if not more than $1000.

So what does all this have to do with passive income?

I thought you would never ask!

As a member for as little as $10.00 per month YOU get to share in all profits generated from the sales of the View XS Streaming Media Player as well as other profits of the company on a daily basis! Your only requirement is to purchase some advertising that you can use or give away and view 10 advertisers websites for just 15 seconds each on a daily basis. Thats it! ion

There is an additional way to make residual income without recruiting by simply being a member. Thats right if you act fast and join our team before the masses find out about the program you could potentially see spillover into your team. The company pays commissions in a 2 x 15 forced matrix compensation plan and as a Diamond member you can earn up to 10 levels of commissions or over $4000 per month even if you never refer anyone to the program!

How is that for passive income?

Here are 7 reasons I suggest you consider joining AdCoin XS TODAY!

1) Everyone gets paid daily without sponsoring or
2) Our team has just started so the potential for spillover
is HUGE! You get paid on up to 10 levels of referrals
with a potential of $4000 per month even if you NEVER
refer anyone!
3) We are about to market one of the biggest technology
items to hit the industry! The View XS Streaming Media
player! This unit will virtually help people eliminate their
cable bills! YOU can get paid a share in profits daily
from all units sold just for being a member and viewing
10 ads per day!
There is NOTHING like this on the market and you cant
buy it at Best Buy or any other retailer! I received mine
today and a picture of it is attached to this email.
4) You only need TWO direct referrals to pocket over
$65,000 in monthly income. Lets FORGET about
the daily profit sharing. If you simply joined at the
$99 per month level and enrolled just TWO others
in your first 7 days in the business who did the same and
that continued for 15 short weeks, total a little less than 4
months, your matrix would be complete and you would
be earning over $65,000 per month!
5) Premium Advertising- Everyone who is a part of this
system is an entrepreneur and most likely involved in multiple
businesses. These are the ONLY people who are going to
see YOUR business, product or service! This is the EXACT
group of people you want to see your offers because most
are open to other income streams!
6) Timing- Most revenue share programs have a shelf life
of 12-24 months if they are run with integrity and a fairly
decent sustainable model. Ad Coin Xs doesnt even officially
launch until November 17th 2014!
There are less than 3000 members world wide as of todays date November 11th 2014!
Ad Coin Xs is designed to last well more than 24 months. The focus is on real product sales right out
of the gate to generate real profits. In addition income and account caps will be put in place in the future
to prevent the company from being smothered by the dangerous effect compounding of profits can have on cashflow.
7) Simplicity- Daily I get pitched on business opportunities that I cannot understand how it they work or how
people make money even after reviewing their website.
Here is simple it is to understand and profit from  Ad Coin Xs.
1) Choose a membership package from $10 per month to $99 per month. The higher the package the more money
you can make and the less that will be automatically used for repurchases.
2) Then buy as little as $10 -$10000 worth of ad packages. Each package allows you to get traffic
to any website you want. If you don’t have anything to promote put in or some other
charity website and give them the traffic.
3) View 10 ads each day for 15 seconds each and you get paid a percentage of daily profits 6 days per week for 85 days!
That’s it!
If you choose to refer others you can generate significant income.
 Join AdCoin XS TODAY! Watch our  8 Minute Presentation Then Enroll!
Buy at least $10 of advertising units and start getting paid daily
6 days per week!
Update as of mAY 5TH 2020 Ad Coin XS turned out to be a complete failure.
The program managed by Lehman Haines has disappeared leaving members hanging. The box they sold was based on a good concept but the android boxes in general have a number of distinct problems.
There is currently only ONE similar program you may want to consider adding to your portfolio in the Revenue Sharing Advertising Portal Space.
You can click the banner below to learn more.


Binary Options Breakthrough A Broker With Integrity

Mayfair Options Headed In the Right Direction

Taking into consideration the fact that Mayfair Options opened their doors in 2013, they cannot yet be considered an industry veteran. Even so, this binary options broker has done an excellent job of getting off to a great start, and as such is being spoken of quite favorably within the marketplace. Their headquarters are in the UK (Gibraltar), and they have a U.S. office location as well. Thousands are already trading with this broker, so let’s consider why they made that decision.


Broker Details


Website URL:

Founded: 2013

Headquarters: Gibraltar, UK

Support Types: Phone, E-mail, Live Chat

Languages: English

Trading Platform: SpotOption

Minimum Deposit: 250 USD, EUR, or GBP

Minimum Withdrawal: 100

Withdrawal Cost: One Free Per Month

Payouts: 60-85% Standard, Up to 500% One Touch

Deposit Methods: Credit/Debit, Wire, Online Wallet

Trade Types: Binary Options, Sixty Seconds, Long Term, Pairs, One Touch

Asset Types: Commodities, Indices, Currency, Stock (184 total)

U.S. Traders Allowed: Yes


Although Mayfair Options is offering a binary options platform that has a somewhat standard layout, it still makes quite the good impression. What we’ve learned over the years is that innovative designs can sometimes go too far, often scaring traders away with their complicated functions, difficult navigation, and cluttered appearance. Usability should always be considered more important than fancy design elements. Traders partner with a broker because they would like to trade, not because they want to be entertained.


Mayfair Options offers over 180 options in the stock, commodity, index and currency pair (Forex) asset categories. This should keep clients that value variety quite satisfied. Registration is free and the quick sign up box can be accessed on the main website page. Once a basic account has been created, traders are free to choose from a number of deposit methods for account funding, including bank wire, credit cards, and more. Deposits can be submitted directly from the website and SSL security is in place.


What many people like most about the Mayfair Options platform is its overall simplicity. Binary options trading was designed to be the simplest and fastest financial instrument of all, so there really is no reason to complicate things. The upcoming trades are conveniently located on the main platform page. There are also individual tabs for the various trade types. After you’ve selected the basic trade parameters, simply select your position and confirm the purchase.


Traders are allowed to select investment amounts of as little as $5, and no minimum investment will exceed $50. Another impressive feature is their market analysis. Within this section traders are provided daily updates related to asset news and market events. Not every binary options broker is willing to provide their clients with this type of information. In addition, they offer guides, strategies, and tutorials for traders of various skill levels


All of these features combine to make Mayfair Options an ideal broker for traders looking to trade for profit. This includes both novices and season traders alike. This broker is accepting new traders at this time, including traders who reside in the United States. Do yourself a favor and visit Mayfair Options and create your free account today.

Traffic Goes Rev Share | Passive Income For The Little Guy

passiveresidualincome                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Traffic Goes Rev Share Two associates of mine, and yes I know both personally, have launched a
network of Internet properties that will generate substantial revenue in the coming months.
ONE of the platforms is a revenue sharing platform that is very well thought out
with an exceptional referral program. This is one where the little guys can get on
top very quickly.
Current and planned Internet properties generate revenue that fuels the revenue sharing
program. Currently 3 Internet properties exist including the revenue sharing program which
will launch on Wednesday.
I am giving you advanced notice to get in now before the masses find out about it.
I am the 22nd person in the world in this program and there are less than 25 people
in the world in this system right now.
Purchase advertising credits that can be used on websites in the network for just $5.00
get paid a share in profits in real time until you receive $7.50.
Fifty Percent of all profit generated is split with all members in real time!
Minimum purchase just $5.00– Maximum purchase just $500 virtually everyone will be maxing
out their purchases in this quickly.  You are purchasing advertising that can be used on the
primary platform and in the two other owned Internet properties. Advertising includes solo ads.
You can generate unlimited money from the Traffic Goes Rev Share  referral program. You can
buy additional shares as your  current positions mature. This is a simple way to turn $500 into
$750 over and over again!
The low threshold prevents the guys with deep pockets from flooding the system with cash
and sucking the cashflow out of the deal.
If you start with $500 and get paid $750 twice per week you
are receiving $500 per week in passive income!
If you start with $500 and getp paid $750 4 times per week you are earning $1000 per week
passive income! This could turn into thousands per week very quickly!
If you start with $500 and you get paid $750 twice you can withdraw your original $500 then play with the
house’s money over and over again and NEVER have any additional risk!
I earned $63 bucks in my first 2 hours in the program while I was creating this email!
Minimum withdraw is just $10.00.
Expect Exceptional customer service.
The accept Solid Trust Pay and Egopay at present.
Get paid 5% per level through Five levels of referrals IF you choose to recruit!
Enroll a.s.a.p
Here is some more food for thought.
If you referred just 5 others who joined at the $500 max in your first week and everyone did the same
here is what you are looking at.
Week 1 you refer 5 and you get paid 5% or $25 x 5 = $125
Week 2 your 5 refer 5 (25) you get paid 5% or $25 x 25 = $625
Week 3 their 5 refer 5 (125) you get paid 5% or $25 x 125 = $3125
Week 4 their 5 refer 5 (625) you get paid 5% or $25 x 625 = $15,625
Week 5 their 5 refer 5 (3125) you get paid 5% or $25 x 3125 = $78,125.00
Total paid to you after 5 weeks is $97,625,00!
Think it makes sense to refer a few others? Me too!
With that said there is absolutely NO Sponsoring Required NO Repurchase requirement and
NO Monthly Fee! Everyone can earn with this!
 Bottom line? Grab some quality advertising and start getting paid a share in daily revenue from what is
destined to be another internet advertising powerhouse!

Outsource Your Income | Wealth Creation Done For You!

oursource your incomeOutsource Your Income is a unique new venture that combines appeal of revenue sharing with a real world business model in an industry that is booming. Before I explain the highlights of the program I want to discuss the outsourcing industry and why the industry is growing by leaps and bounds.  Outsourcing is the contracting out of an internal business process to a third-party organization.

In this day and age of internet marketing out sourcing is becoming very popular. Most marketers know they need to do things like have a website or blog, continually update that blog or website and they need to get traffic to their website consistently as well. The services are almost unlimited and can range from things like custom coding, internet & marketing research to video creation and social marketing. These tasks can be offered to people tho have the time and technical know how to do them for a reasonable fee. Smart marketers realize this as a huge time saver and it has been proven to help increase their bottom line. The owner of Mr. Jamie Crowell has put together a project that creates profits from this unique business venture and is willing to share some of the profits with people who choose to create an additional hands free income stream.

What Mr. Crowell has set up is a network of  skilled workers that we can be employed on an as needed bases to complete various assignments that are in high demand. The company bids for jobs on a global scale and subcontracts them to foreign workers.  The key element that makes this relationship extremely profitable is that the company pays the foreign workers based upon the average rates paid in their country of origin. They then bill the clients the rates that North Americans or used to paying for these services which is considerably more.

Here is a typical scenario the company participates in consistently. The average foreign factory worker in a country like China gets paid about eighty cents per hour or a total of $200 per month. The average rate for a North American worker to do the same task is about $45.00 per month. If a project took $50 hours to complete the company pays $40.00 for the work and bills its clients $2,250.00.

This is just an example. Some workers get paid more and some clients pay less. This scenario was simply to give you an idea of how lucrative the outsourcing industry can be.

Here is how YOU can benefit from this relationship.

You can purchase what the company calls Profit Modules! These modules provide the company with the funds needed to get workers set up to do the work for clients that are contracted by the company.

 Since the company already knows its profit margin up front they take a daily share of profits and split those with members who have purchased the profit modules. Its a win win situation for everyone and it is NOT a High Yield Investment Program!


To Get Started grabbing a share of Outsource Profits visit 




Ps. I forgot to mention this but if you choose to refer others to the program they pay a lucrative referral commission

of 10% on the purchases of your direct referrals and 5% on the purchases of the people they refer and 5% on the purchases

of the people they refer.


You will get a link just like this =>


Enroll Today and start earning tonight!


Belizers A High Return Investment Alternative is a passive income project  headed up by Gerhard Rempel and Pete Redekop. Each founder has over 20 years experience as an entrepreneur in a variety of fields. Both owners have retained positions ranging from distributors and representatives to founders, co founders and ultimately company owners. In 2012 they launched their first Belizean company called GP Global Solutions. They have 3 registered businesses in Belize at present. is a GP GLobal Solutions Registered Company.

Both own property In Belize and are tied into the culture and the economy. In fact a Government official sold one of the owners their home and opened the door to the proper way to do international business in Belize. He also introduced the pair to the right people to help establish their business for the long term. The contact continues to provide consultation and guidance on projects that will help the country and those willing to support the projects on a global scale.  
Their goals are to:
A) Make an impact in the lives of the less fortunate in Belize and elsewhere.
B) Create jobs for the numerous unemployed in Belize and elsewhere.
C) Become leaders in the quest to clean up the environment with a project that utilizes used tires, creating various “unique” practical, low cost useful products.
Some of the uses for these products include but are not limited to:
A) Lawn and parking lot ornaments. Replicas of all kinds of animals in various sizes.
B) Bike Racks for Businesses, Schools, Hospitals and Apartments . Virtually no bike racks exist and theft of bicycles is common place in Belize.
C) Toy houses for Children’s playgrounds or home use.
D) Unique Bar and Coffee Tables
E) Miscellaneous products that have profit margins of more than 500% the manufacturing cost.
The Belizers Companies Group 
Has developed what they believe is an h.y.i.p alternative and a “unique” opportunity to help global participants to develop “passive” and long term sustainable income.  The business plan is to build new manufacturing plants, purchase tools and equipment, along with materials, to create jobs for the people in the beautiful country of Belize.  This will enable them to manufacture a variety of unique, useful products that do not exist yet, as well as access all kinds of products which are imported from other countries.Imported products are quite expensive and obviously difficult for the average Belizean to obtain due to very low incomes. Many people in the country cannot find jobs because there are not nearly enough factories offering jobs for the thousands of unemployed people…this is the area Belizers intends to concentrate on.

There are only 350 thousand residents of Belize and there is a high unemployment rate. The company goal is to help reduce that rate through creativity, innovation and viable projects that create sustainable long term profits.
Project #1 – Consists of a manufacturing plant producing a variety of (Patent Pending) products made entirely from used tires that are totally useless and end up being burned, polluting the air or buried, contaminating the water supply.To participate in Project #1 by purchasing shares, you must register and create an account in Belizers.  Shares in the initial project are starting at USD $25 per share.

Minimum purchase requirement to qualify as a shareholder is 1 share (USD $25), with no maximum number of shares until all shares per project are sold. The Return/Rebate on shares is set currently at 1% per value of shares owned and paid via our Automated Payment System on the company website.  Shares will remain active for a period of 150 business days. Payments will be made Monday through Friday (excluding weekends and banking holidays).

The company accepts STP (Solid Trust Pay) and major credit cards on the website’s Automated Purchase System. They also accept PayPal, Payza, Bank wires, Western Union and MoneyGram.  Payments will be processed and added to members accounts upon receipt.

All shareholders will receive a Certificate of Ownership of shares in our company via email approximately 30 days after closing sales of shares. In addition, this will be recorded in the members back office.

More details of the project, such as the location of the manufacturing plant, full names and identities of the people heading the project, full names of any current and future employees/independent contractors, will be made available to all shareholders.

This is the first of many projects and each project will have a specified disclosure of rebates/returns that will be paid to share holders.
Up coming projects include but are not limited to:
A Cannery which will be the first Cannery in the entire country! This project has huge profit potential because after Mango season is over the company has to import Mango’s from Guatamala. This sends money out of the country as opposed to building their economy. The cannery will allow locals and tourists to consume genuine Belizian Mangos year round! With the company being the only Cannery in the country the profits will be staggering and the Government has a reason to support the project 100%.
Customized Tours- the company has already contracted with a number of tourist guides to create cashflow by taking tourists on towers to remote areas that are designed to provide an experience of a lifetime. This is a high profit margin venture since the labor cost is so low.
Your Invited to visit!
Fly out from Houston or Miami. Meet the independent contractors that work for the company. Shake hands with the government officials responsible for the guidance of the company founders. Discover the inter-workings of the economy, the problems and the solutions Belizers is working on and how you can assist them in making a difference. Get picked up in an air conditioned van with WiFI and experience the royal treatment as you explore the infrastructure of what is destined to be one of the largest international companies on the planet!
Get Paid To Spread The Word
Once you enroll you can get paid a bonus commission for sharing the project with others. Get paid 5% commission from the share purchases of people that you refer, get paid 3% commission from the share purchases of people that they refer and get paid 2% commission from the share purchases of people that they refer!
Enroll in Belizers Today and start earning income in a tropical paradise.
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Here are a few more pictures of items that will be part of the portfolio in project 1.

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