Turbo Tycoon | Passive Residual Income With NO Monthly Fee

Turbo Tycoon is a simple passive residual income program. The program was launched by a friend of mine who owns Mid Ten Media, Joe Butler. The concept has been tried by many but something was always missing. The concept is simple, enroll for FREE and register your cell phone. Once you verify your cell phone can receive text messages you are off and running. You can be completely passive and simply wait for advertisers within your area of interest to send a text message to you. Each time they do ca-ching! you get paid! If you choose to be semi passive simply refer a few others and you can get paid each time they receive a text message through six levels of referrals!

The Turbo Tycoon Business Opportunity is on the cutting edge of an industry that the New York Times calls the most explosive and cost effective method of advertising in history! Mobile Text Message advertising is going to be huge in the next few years. Did you know that the cell phone industry is bigger than the internet? That’s right at last count there were close to 2 Billion people online, compare this to over 4.3 Billion people who have cell phones world wide! On top of that the read rate of text messages is 95% within 30 seconds of receipt!

This blows email and any other form of advertising away. With Turbo Tycoon there is NO cost to sign up, NO Monthly fee, NO website hosting fees, NO website set up fees NO fees ever! So what kind of money can you make when you don’t have to spend a nickel out of pocket? Prepare to be amazed! To get paid off of all levels in the turbo tycoon compensation plan you simply need to refer six others who join free and register their cell phones. If you can do this within 7 days and help your people do the same you will have an organizaton large enough in six weeks to pay you more than $200.00 per day $6,000.00 per month if everyone in your group received just one text message per day!

Now we all know that not everyone will refer six others in 7 days, many will not ever refer 6 others but what if just 10% of that scenario actually happened. Would it be worth it to join free agree to receive text messages about things you have interest in refer a few others to get paid enough money to cover your cell phone bill each month? How about put an extra $300.00 or so in your pocket? Similar companies charge business owners huge fees to enroll, monthly fees and they make them build their own list of consumers to send text messages to. Turbo Tycoon keeps the members cell phone numbers private but let business owners send a text message to people in specific areas in the United States and Canada without having to build a list or advertise themselves.

Not only is Turbo Tycoon a great way to make passive or semi passive income but it is a great resource for advertisers locally and nationally. Entrepreneurs can really benefit from the program because they can get paid a residual income when they enroll a business owner who pays the low monthly subscription fee of just $29.95 to access the network plus 10 cents per text message!

If you are open to an ingenious way you can receive a passive residual income without spending a nickel out of your pocket I highly encourage you to visit http://www.getpaidtogettext.com to learn more about the Turbo Tycoon business opportunity.

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