Residual Income Formula In A 40 Trillion Dollar Industry Discovered

A residual income formula has recently been discovered by entrepreneurs across the U.S and it is beginning to sweep the nation. Many are calling it the perfect passive residual income model. If you have ever heard the question asked, what is residual income what you are about to discover will answer the question and then some!

Imagine Getting Paid 1,000’s of Times Per Day – every time a business accepts credit or debit card for payment. If you sell to “Internet Marketers” or you sell SEO or related services to OFFLINE businesses, this free affiliate program can pay you lifetime recurring commissions – while you save business owners, marketers, and retailers money each month guaranteed.
The company offering this unique business opportunity is: MatchRatePLUSWhat makes them unique is what they offer to merchants. Simply refer a merchant to MatchRatePLUS and the company will send them 20% Cash Back on the commissions generated from their merchant account processing. No Fees. No Costs. No Obligation. In addition the service comes with a lowest price guarantee. That means that once a merchant is enrolled and linked to you if anyone from any company offers them a lower rate in writing, and the company verifies the offer is legitimate, they will lower the rate for your client to match the new offer plus continue to pay your client a 20% rebate and YOU get paid a commission for the life of the client!Merchants keep their current equipment/software and pay the same rates. But, for the first time ever, they’ll get a monthly rebate check for 20% on their Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, and other Credit & Debt Card Processing Commissions.This is the first time Merchants have been given the opportunity to “Get Paid” on the credit & debit card processing fees they’re already paying to their merchant processor.

MatchRate PLUS is an Authorized Partner of Element Payment Services. Element Payment Services was established in 2003 and is now an industry leading Level 1 PCI DSS compliant payment processor.

According to the 2009 Nilson Report, Element’s $4 BILLION + in annual processing volume qualifies the company as a top 40 U.S. merchant acquirer.

In 2010, they won the “Best Channel Product” as well as the “Best Channel Vendor” by Business Solutions, which is the leading magazine and online resource for the IT and Payment Processing industry.

Here is how you can generate a reliable residual income stream:

You get paid 5% of the commissions generated by your Merchant’s credit card processing fees. If a Merchant gets $1,000 Cash Back Per Month (their 20%), you get a check for $250 each month. Commissions are paid monthly for every Merchant you refer to the free “cash back” service.

There is NO limit to the  amount of Merchants you can refer and the best part is that someone else will do the selling and explaining for you!

In fact the company and certain teams also include cutting edge marketing techniques and low cost advertising training and resources you can use to refer hundreds of merchants per month! When they help you refer just  100 merchants receiving an average of $500 cash back per month, your monthly commission check would be $12,500 per month. ($125 x 100 merchants = $12,500)
Most businesses are accepting credit cards, all you would need to do to start getting paid thousands of times per day is ask one question.
Are you getting your 20% rebate off your credit card processing fees yet? Most will ask you what is that. You then simply send them to your FREE affiliate website, they request more info and take a tour, the company signs them up and you get paid month after month for as long as the merchant remains a client!.  What merchant would not want to save money on their credit card fees IF there was no hassle, no changing of equipment and if it was the last time they would ever have to switch because their service would be backed by a lowest price guarantee? This is the perfect business opportunity that can pay you lifetime recurring commissions.Want to benefit from other peoples efforts?

As a bonus you can get paid override commissions from building a team if you choose:Once you become an affiliate you can refer others who also enroll at no cost. When begin to refer others to the MatchRatePLUS Program and they begin to enroll merchants they get paid and you get paid month after month! You can receive up to a 17.5% monthly residual commission from all Merchants your personally-enrolled affiliates refer to MatchRatePLUS.You can also receive a CAB (Customer Acquisition Bonus) of up to $50 for Every Referred Customer, either referred by yourself or your affiliate organization.Once you enroll as a free Affiliate by clicking the link below, you will be given access to your own free “back office” where you can see how you can maximize your residual profits from your efforts and that of your Affiliate organization.

Remember, this is the perfect residual income stream because there’s never any cost to become an affiliate.

The company provides a replicated website and banners. Additional tools (business cards, email messages, etc.) are being developed.

The company trains you and your affiliate team via webinars, teleconferences, online videos, and PDF’s.

Get paid to sell credit card processing WITHOUT any personal selling:

Enroll on the link below MatchRatePLUS Affiliate Sign Up Here is how to get started:Click on “Affiliate Tour”, then “Enroll as an Affiliate”

Start benefiting from the perfect residual income model that pays you a monthly residual income that is not dependent upon someone paying a monthly auto-ship for products they may not need or want. This is one of the best residual income ideas to come along in a long time, grab your slice of the pie.  When you join our team send an email to elementstowealth [@] gmail dot com and we will share cost effective ways to advertise as well as  how to place free advertising.

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