Prosper Everyday Business Opportunity Review

Prosper Every Day owned by Steven Seppinni is
destined to make its mark in the home based business
arena for a number of reasons.

The products alone are worth way more than
people invest in the business opportunity.

The compensation plan is truly unique.

The primary product features the Money Now Method
Program authored by Andrew Lock who hosts the
#1 Rated Itunes Show. The program has been the number
one show on itunes for the past 7 years!

A person can literally join the program for a one
time $100 plus a $39 admin fee and get access to
the Money Now Method which is currently selling
online for $995.00.

Don’t believe me? Check out the program on
here and look at the sales price of $995.

Prosper Everyday has changed the game by allowing
people to get 10 times the value for their money
when they join. The course teaches 10 little known
methods of generating $500-$2000 per month or more
Part- time WITHOUT any recruiting or sponsoring of

If you choose to share the program with others
the compensation plan offers a truly unique
concept that allows all members to benefit from
sales that come into the entire company world wide.

In a nutshell you enroll in the program by paying
a $100 fee plus $39 admin fee and get access to
the $995 retail product that teaches you 10 ways
to create a lucrative spare time income online.

If you choose to refer others you benefit from
all sales in the company the following way.
Say you refer John then John refers Mary.
After the next 10 sales made by anyone in the world
join the program YOU get paid $500.00.

This is the tip of the iceberg. Learn more about
Prosper Everyday by visiting.

5.23.20 update. This program failed miserably years ago. This post
is being kept on my blog as a reference to another failed program offered by Steven Seppini. 

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