What Determines If Something Truly Offers Passive Residual Income?

There is alot of information on and off the internet that attempts to explain exactly what the definition of passive  residual income (PRI) truly is.. In my opinion the term simply means: “A way of receiving income on a continuous bases with little to no effort from you on a continuous basis.” Most true opportunities to receive this type of income will require you to set them up and perhaps participate in a daily, weekly or monthly task but do not require you to sell anything, talk to anyone etc.

The concept actually means different things to different people. People in the MLM Industry consider a program that they pour their blood sweat and tears into so that they can generate a monthly commission check their concept of PRI. Others would argue that the income can be considered PRI but the fact that there was effort expended to get to that level voids the MLM option as a way for them to create PRI because they do not want to invest the time necessary to create the ongoing cash flow. As an individual you will need to determine what you are willing to do and what you are not to create PRI.remember there is generally some effort required up front.

The key to remember is that GENERALLY there is no free lunch. There are ways of creating PRI with very little effort but you will generally have to do a few things to put them in place. It could be as little as  signing up for a program and making a purchase or spending a few minutes per day doing a specific task that does not require you to sell or to talk to anyone. Expect to do something to initiate multiple passive residual income streams but you can restrict your participation to only those vehicles that meet your comfortability.

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