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oursource your incomeOutsource Your Income is a unique new venture that combines appeal of revenue sharing with a real world business model in an industry that is booming. Before I explain the highlights of the program I want to discuss the outsourcing industry and why the industry is growing by leaps and bounds.  Outsourcing is the contracting out of an internal business process to a third-party organization.

In this day and age of internet marketing out sourcing is becoming very popular. Most marketers know they need to do things like have a website or blog, continually update that blog or website and they need to get traffic to their website consistently as well. The services are almost unlimited and can range from things like custom coding, internet & marketing research to video creation and social marketing. These tasks can be offered to people tho have the time and technical know how to do them for a reasonable fee. Smart marketers realize this as a huge time saver and it has been proven to help increase their bottom line. The owner of outsourceyourincome.com Mr. Jamie Crowell has put together a project that creates profits from this unique business venture and is willing to share some of the profits with people who choose to create an additional hands free income stream.

What Mr. Crowell has set up is a network of  skilled workers that we can be employed on an as needed bases to complete various assignments that are in high demand. The company bids for jobs on a global scale and subcontracts them to foreign workers.  The key element that makes this relationship extremely profitable is that the company pays the foreign workers based upon the average rates paid in their country of origin. They then bill the clients the rates that North Americans or used to paying for these services which is considerably more.

Here is a typical scenario the company participates in consistently. The average foreign factory worker in a country like China gets paid about eighty cents per hour or a total of $200 per month. The average rate for a North American worker to do the same task is about $45.00 per month. If a project took $50 hours to complete the company pays $40.00 for the work and bills its clients $2,250.00.

This is just an example. Some workers get paid more and some clients pay less. This scenario was simply to give you an idea of how lucrative the outsourcing industry can be.

Here is how YOU can benefit from this relationship.

You can purchase what the company calls Profit Modules! These modules provide the company with the funds needed to get workers set up to do the work for clients that are contracted by the company.

 Since the company already knows its profit margin up front they take a daily share of profits and split those with members who have purchased the profit modules. Its a win win situation for everyone and it is NOT a High Yield Investment Program!


To Get Started grabbing a share of Outsource Profits visit www.outsourceyourincome.com 




Ps. I forgot to mention this but if you choose to refer others to the program they pay a lucrative referral commission

of 10% on the purchases of your direct referrals and 5% on the purchases of the people they refer and 5% on the purchases

of the people they refer.


You will get a link just like this => http://outsourceyourincome.com/?mentor


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