Mega Money Hybrid Review A New Breed Of Revenue Sharing

Mega Money Hybrid the new brain child of the administration of Fast Cash Mega and a number
of other internet properties is destined to become a favorite of passive income seekers. In my
opinion this model will fast become the norm for revenue sharing programs throughout 2013 and beyond.

Before I get into the details of the program I want to give a little background on the administration
of the program and my experience with them. I originally joined their group of internet properties
in March of 2012 by joining Fast Cash Mega one of the biggest entities they manage.

At that time what attracted me to the program was the unique way they created a straight line cycling program
that paid a percentage of profits to certain members in a unique way rather than the traditional way
a straight line matrix program paid.

A few months later they introduced a daily revenue sharing component that not only provided an
additional passive revenue stream but also helped move the original cycle positions through so some
of the older members would start to see an increase in earnings. Everything they have done since
March of 2012 has proved to me that these guys are knowledgeable, serious and have a vested interest
in making things better for consumers and company management.

They are not perfect by any stretch of the imagination and there have been many bumps in the
road but every program they have ever launched is still online to this day and they are one of the
few programs that actually has outside income streams to help with revenue sharing.

These guys are into everything from loans to start up companies, forex trading, binary options trading,
leasing of shipping containers, cpa marketing and more. They truly keep diversified and they seem
to be very good at money management and forecasting.

Pip Mega was the most recent company launched from this admin and I thought that was a very good
program designed to be here for  the long term but Mega Money Hybrid is a total game changer. Mega Money Hybrid
will launch before the end of February and provides a unique combination of revenue program
and cycling matrix that many others are soon to copy.

In a nutshell what they do is allow you to purchase advertising units for as little as $10 and they split your
funds into two separate categories to help you increase your profits through the revenue sharing.
Fifty percent or $5.00 is devoted to the revenue sharing portion where you get paid 2% per day for 75 days
and fifty percent or $5.00 is devoted to the cycling matrix plan that will pay you 200% more than what you
spent when you cycle.

What makes this program truly unique is that the percentage portion of the program
can be funded by outside income streams while the cycling part of the program only pays out when
enough profits are generated from company sales. This format makes the program more sustainable
and offers additional profit bonuses to those who decide to build a team of referrals.

While it is still a passive residual income opportunity the program rewards those who refer others and actually
allows them to make more money faster than those who simply want to generate daily revenue sharing
without recruiting or sponsoring. If all a person wants to do is purchase some advertising and sit back
and generate daily revenue sharing for 75 days no problem. On the other hand if you want to generate
three, four or even five times the money sharing the program with a few others will virtually turbo boost
your earnings!

My personal opinion is that Mega Money Hybrid is another great addition to any passive income portfolio.




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