Is Passive Residual Income A Myth?

Contrary to what many people in the hyip or high yield income opportunity field may believe there truly are legitimate ways to make above average returns without a program being a ponzi scam. A number of entrepreneurs have been jaded against the idea and concept because they may have fallen victim to some of the money games and ponzi schemes that saturate the internet.

On its basic foundation the concept of residual income is one most can wrap their minds around because they are familiar with an author who receives ongoing royalties or a singer who receives ongoing royalties. The difficulty is for the average person to identify ways they can achieve the same type of passive income without having to participate in a money game or hyip. The first thing that comes to mind to prove that the concept is not a myth is the income derived from an mlm venture. In an MLM Business Opportunity or Network Marketing a person purchases products or services from a company and refers others to do the same, generally on a monthly basis, as the original persons team grows commissions are paid and the original person receives a check each month.

This is seemingly one of the easiest ways to produce ongoing cashflow but in reality the income generated is usually unstable and most people are not willing to put in the work necessary to achieve significant continuing income through this method. The bottom line is that the concept of receiving continual income with very little to no effort is not a myth but a reality. The question becomes how does one identify programs that will allow them to be able to receive ongoing cashflow if they do not want to participate in mlm, are not a singer, actor or musician etc. These are the things that will be discussed on this site and most importantly in our newsletter.

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