How To Create Multiple Income Streams Quickly

Creating multiple streams of income sounds like a simple concept but many people either approach the concept in the wrong manner, participate in the wrong types of ventures or flat out don’t know where to begin. In this post I will outline what I feel are the winning ingredients towards creating multiple streams of income and some of the components of my own Passive Income Portfolio.

The terms multiple streams of income and passive residual income are synonymous to me because the bulk of the income streams I choose to participate in must have a passive element to them that requires little to no effort on my part. This, in my opinion is one of the crucial keys to developing multiple income streams.

I believe your foundational plan for multiple income streams must include at least one foundational program or business. This venture would be something you will spend time in marketing and actively growing your income in. It also needs to be a venture that can allow you to minimize your efforts while maximizing your returns as time goes on. I find that the best type of ventures to form the backbone of your multiple income stream or passive income portfolio to be mlm business opportunity type programs.

My foundational program is called Telexfree This is a company backed by 12 years experience in the telecom industry that launched a unique mlm business opportunity in January of 2012. They launched the program first in Brazil and went from zero to over 400,000 reps with 8 entrepreneurs achieving millionaire status before the end of 2012. In November 2012 the company was cleared by their legal council to begin marketing the opportunity in the United States.
The company offers a unique product which is a combination of software and telecom service that allows consumers to talk to people in over 60 countries from any telephone or cell phone in the world for just $49.90 per month! Unlike most companies telexfree actually devotes 100% of its marketing budget towards paying independent contractors to market the software/service even if a sale is not generated!
The concept is simple. To become a member you simply purchase “inventory” consisting of 10 software licenses linked to the service for a total of $299 or a $1375 package which has 50 software license linked to the service. These software license can be sold for $49.90 per month and the rep gets the lions share of the first months payment. The rep actually receives $44.90 out of the $49.90 the customer pays. They will also receive a residual income of $5.00 per month for as long as the customer remains on the service!
The unique thing about the company is the passive component where the company contracts with the rep for 52 weeks and agrees to pay them $20 up to $100 per week or more for simply posting one-5 ads per day 7 days per week. YES, at a minimum that’s a total contract value of $1040.00 over the 52 week period even if a sale was not generated!  No Recruiting! No Stocking Inventory! No harassing family and friends. Simple passive income and this is the tip of the iceberg with what’s really possible with the telexfree marketing system. To learn more visit the most reputable online blog for information on telexfree, Inc.

The next type of program I include in my multiple income stream blueprint is the High Yield Investment type program that pays high return but also has high risk. I find that if you follow the rules of engagement and realize that these programs generally have a life span of 12-24 months you can do very well with them. Here are my rules of engagement for identifying quailty h.y.i.p programs.



With that said I look for a few key things when Identifying a viable h.y.i.p.


A) I like to do as much due diligence as I can on the company internet presence, whose behind it, how long has it existed and is there any negative info about it.
B) The viability of the pay plan. Most programs that pay more than 3% per day are short lived UNLESS they have some type of mandatory repurchase requirement or short term pay schedule. Anything paying that type of return for more than 90 days generally will not last long.
C) How fast can I get my seed money out of the program. The faster I can get my money out the less risk I have. I also assume that everyone of them is a ponzi type program or part ponzi despite whatever fantastic story is told about how they make their money. This way I go into programs with my eyes wide open and I am aware of the risks. I find that splitting what I can afford to lose between 3 or more carefully scrutinized and selected programs helps reduce my risk and maximizes my returns.


The following is a list along with a brief description of the h.y.i.p programs that currently make up the core of my multiple income stream portfolio.


A) H.Y.I.P 1 This program pays passive income without selling or recruiting and has a very communicative support system. It is run by a very reputable entrepreneur out of the U.K and they own multiple companies on and off of the internet. They pay a flat rate of 2% per day for 125 days based upon the amount you spend on advertising that you can use to promote any product or service you choose.


B) H.Y.I.P 2 this is another program run by a reputable entrepreneur out of the U.K It also pays you 1.5% per day for 200 days based upon the amount you spend on advertising.   The rate of return is reasonable for an hyip and the term is a bit longer than most others fairly long which makes this moderately extremely high risk but if the admin has integrity and at least tries to create some outside income it could last for a while. The company provides excellent communication and fast withdraws..


C) H.Y.I.P 3 this program in my opinion, has the potential to be here for many years to come. It is a unique h.y.i.p that combines advertising and a straight line matrix concept with daily profit sharing of 3% per day for 60 days. The keys to this type of model lasting longer than others is the short term of 60 days, a mandatory 30% repurchase requirement and no automatic compounding. You can start with as little as $20.00 and start receiving daily profits within 24 hours of joining. No sponsoring, No recruiting, No waiting for spillover etc. They have recently instituted a monthly membership option that requires you to subscribe for as little as $5.00 per month. The upside to this is that you get some additional advertising benefits and you can also promote your other programs to people you refer to the system if you are involved in multiple programs.


D) H.Y.I.P 4 this program is a straight forward high yield investment program that has been paying and online for over one year with a pretty solid track record of success. They pay out interest payments on a weekly basis and you can compound all or a portion of your investment. No advertising, no hype, no monthly fees and no need to refer anyone to pocket a consistent weekly cashflow of 8% per week for 50 weeks. The company is based in panama and they are very responsive to support tickets.  One of the most intriguing things about this program is their referral plan. While there is no requirement to recruit others into the program it will pay you referral commission for everyone you refer and through 9 additional levels of referrals. This could add up to alot of money in referral commissions if you choose to build a team.


E) H.Y.I.P 5 this program is a  private investment club run by a very reputable team of administrators. They have been trading the Forex Market for over 7 years and also trade Binary Options. They have also developed their own Forex Robots for automatic trading and participate in a number of other cash generating ventures to generate profits. In the trading arena they utilize multiple proprietary setups to determine when to enter and exit the market for maximum profit and minimum risk and they also have professional traders who trade manually when they find good opportunities.Aside from forex they trade commodities (gold, silver and oil) but with lower volume. They also invest in “start-up companies” because of the relatively high ROI in those contracts.
Those are the current list of h.y.i.p type programs that make up my own portfolio. They will change over time as programs shut down and I work to replace ones that go down with similar programs to keep at least 3-7 programs in the portfolio. Since these programs require little to no work they are a great addition to the overall flow of passive income.
The next category of programs that make up my portfolio are what I call passive income opportunities. These are not h.y.i.p type programs but generally a combination of a marketing type system with an existing business opportunity where the combination provides participants with a way to create income without having to sell or recruit. These types of programs have the potential to last for a long period of time especially if the system provides consistent results.
Passive Residual Income Program 1 combines a two year old marketing company with an advertising system that does the advertising, presentation, selling and follow up for you to put instant cash payments directly into your account as well as an ongoing residual income. There is no requirement for you to do anything after you set this system up but if you choose to refer others you can turbo boost the frequency and amount of payments you receive dramatically. The product is primarily education based in regards to personal development and marketing.

Passive Residual Income Program 2 combines a 10 year old company that offers the #1 tool EVERYONE marketing anything online needs and the marketing prowess of a seasoned internet marketer to create weekly fast cash and monthly residual income. There is no selling, recruiting or advertising required because  the system does it all for you. You can create cashflow faster if you decide to promote yourself but it is not necessary. What differentiates this program from the previous program is that you can benefit from the efforts of others aside from the direct results of advertising that generates sales for you. In addition if you truly want to be proactive you can generate thousands in extra income for simply referring a few others on your own and helping them do the same.


Well there you have it. The key elements of a fairly lucrative multiple income stream scenario with real world programs you can scrutinize for inclusion or to assist you in determining the types of programs you may want to include in your own formula. The key elements in a successful multiple income stream scenario, in my opinion, include:

A) a foundational program that you will provide sweat equity towards to create cashflow

B) 3-5 h.y.i.p type programs
C) 1-3 passive income programs that can assist you in generating income with no effort on your part that are NOT h.y.i.p’s. That’s it!
I am not an investment advisor and the information in this post is for information only. Please do your own due diligence and remember the rules of engagement if considering investing in a high yield investment type program. If you decide to join me in any program mentioned on this blog I may be compensated through a referral commission.

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