How ACTION Relates To Multipe Income Streams

You have been lied to! There area a host of promoters that would love you to believe that creating PRI is as simple as flipping a switch and the cash flow starts rolling in. Nothing could be further from the truth! To truly create PRI you need to understand that you will need to take some action to get your cash flow to start rolling in and in many cases may have to monitor or do some things continually to keep the cash coming in. There are three specific categories you should be aware of in considering PRI.

1) Set up DN (Do nothing else to create residual income)

2) Set up DSD ( Do Something Daily to keep the cash flow coming in)

3) Set up DSM (Do Something Monthly to keep the cash flow coming in)

We will use these categories to classify programs and ventures in our newsletter and in future posts to this site.   There you have it, a full understanding of the 3 different categories of passive programs we will be discussing and 3 examples of each. More detailed information about program specifics, why we chose them etc. is available in our newsletter.

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