Click Paid New Revenue Share Program Endorsed By Frederick Mann

Frederich Mann recently endorsed a new program called click paid . Within the first 24 hours of pre-launch thousands of people joined
this new venture hoping he has cracked the code towards why many of the revenue sharing programs have stalled or delayed payments.

Many like myself are of the mindset that if it performs as well as his last program did (JSS Tripler), it will be a huge success for many
especially those who got in early.

Here is some promotional info I received.

Are you ready to take the challenge?

Have you ever worked with a company that was so sure of their commitment to your financial success, they created an indefinitely sustainable
system and then offered a million dollars if you could prove them wrong? Most likely, the answer is no. With Click Paid, we are so confident
that the mathematical algorithm behind our unique system will last, that we will PAY 1M if anyone can prove us wrong.

Commit To Success – We Do The Rest!

Let’s face it, most Internet companies are here today and gone tomorrow, leaving their members with empty wallets! The Click Paid system
was founded on a unique mathematical template that allows our company to be indefinitely sustainable! We understand our word alone may
not be enough. This is why the Million Dollar Challenge was created.

“I designed this system with the 98% in mind. I wanted a way for those who have struggled to make money online to be successful and not
sacrifice their entire day to their keyboard. I challenge anyone to find an error in this algorithm. If you can, I will send you a check for a
Million $ guaranteed.” — F. Mann

Click for CASH with Click Paid!

Are you ready for a cash explosion? Time to let go of the ‘9 to 5’ grind and jump on the Click Paid trail to success where earning money
is as simple as Click…View…Paid! Whether you’re new to the world of online business with little to no marketing experience or a suave
entrepreneurial genius, our proven system will go to work for you instantly!

How Does it Work?

Our global advertising network is offers a wide variety of products and services. One of our premier services is driving volumes of traffic to
our clients websites. In recent years, this service has grown in popularity as businesses struggle to raise their Alexa rankings and ‘get noticed’.
This pressing market demand presents a wealth of opportunities for people just like you! By spending just minutes a day, you Click, View and
get Paid as you help us with this task. Even better, you will begin earning money within just 60 seconds of registering your account!

Leave the hard work to us–all you need to do is Click and View and you get Paid!

How Do We Earn Money?
For every $10 View package you purchase, you earn daily! We provide you with one “borrowed” package when you first sign up to get you making
money immediately. Just view 3 sites daily and earn $ .20 each weekday / .10 each weekend day. The more Click Packages you have, the more
you earn! With Click Paid, your earning potential is unlimited.

In addition, you also receive 1000 Click Paid Advertising Credits with each Click Package you purchase. As a member of Click Paid, you can
use these credits to buy any of the advertising available within our program. Membership has its perks!

Share and Earn MORE!

Click Paid is the pioneer in automatic viral marketing. We believe that your success should not be left to chance so we take care of that FOR you!

Our automatic funnel sharing system takes the mystery out of success! We make it so EASY for you to share Click Paid with people,
anybody can easily build an income with us! Our system is set up to virally post your success for you AND we pay YOU for spreading
the word. Our Independent Business Owners (IBO) earn thousands of dollars every day just by sharing the viral nature and
simplicity of Click Paid with others.

With every referral you introduce to Click Paid, you will earn 10% on your first level and 5% on the second for every Click Package they purchase.
When they make money, so do YOU!

While the pitch sounds like many others I believe it’s certainly worth grabbing a no cost spot and watching it evolve.

Click Here to discover Click Paid a potentially worthwhile addition to your passive income portfolio.

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