Get Paid To Watch ads? Is it Really Possible? Ads Earn Bitcoin Believes It Has The Answer.

Years ago a new industry emerged called “Revenue Sharing” one pioneering company was called Ad Surf Daily. It was a unique concept that actually paid people a share of daily profits based on what they spent on advertising and how many ads they viewed in a day.

The program was ultimately shut down due to claims it was an unsustainable model and potentially a ponzi scheme. Fast forward to today May 23rd 2020 and there is a new emergence of similar programs but now with multiple streams of income and zero funds paid out if there are no profits.

Companies like AdsEarnBtc are revolutionizing the industry with real advertising people pay handsomely for even if there were no opportunity to earn cash back on their purchases of up to 135%.

Ads Earn Bitcoin also ads another layer of appeal to their offer by exclusively accepting only cryptocurrency for their advertising products.

They even allow FREE members to perform simple actions such as getting paid to click or paid to do a specific action like register for a website or watch a video. Something simple.

Unlike the old ad surfing programs Ads Earn Bitcoin has a cap on what people can withdraw daily which prevents people with big money from buying a huge amount of advertising and withdrawing huge daily profits.

The owner is Jim Watts a serial entrepreneur who was fed up with losing money to programs that either just ran with the money or mismanaged them to the point the program collapsed.

Jim makes it clear that funds are only paid out if there are profits made the day prior so in his own words “no funny money here”. He also clearly states that the website is an advertising website first that puts targeted eyeballs on any offer you may choose to promote, especially if you are promoting anything in the Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency space.

If you are interested in earning an extra $100-$500 per day viewing ads, doing simple tasks or watching youtube videos you may want to consider giving ads earn bitcoin a shot. There is no cost to join and do a few actions.

If you are involved in any type of cryptocurrency program you may want to consider buying some advertising and watching at least 10 others ads per day to earn up to 3% daily cash back on your advertising!

If you decide to share it with others you can earn and withdraw up to $500 per day to do so. The Ads Earn BTC website is currently in the top 15000 most visited websites in the world.

There is no requirement to become a member to advertise. This makes the program unique as well. Anyone can buy advertising without joining and the profits from that advertising is shared with all members who view at least 10 ads per day and have active advertising packages themselves.

One of the things that makes Ads Earn Btc appealing to work at home bizopp seekers is there is no sponsoring, recruiting or selling required to start earning 7 days per week.

The concept is simple, Get Paid To Watch Ads, Get Cash Back on your advertising and get quality leads for any product, service or opportunity you choose to promote. You choose to participate in one or all of the potential activities that can give your income an extra boost.

Passive income through ad surfing programs has truly evolved and Ads Earn Bitcoin is a prime example of what’s possible when its done right.

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