Belizers A High Return Investment Alternative is a passive income project  headed up by Gerhard Rempel and Pete Redekop. Each founder has over 20 years experience as an entrepreneur in a variety of fields. Both owners have retained positions ranging from distributors and representatives to founders, co founders and ultimately company owners. In 2012 they launched their first Belizean company called GP Global Solutions. They have 3 registered businesses in Belize at present. is a GP GLobal Solutions Registered Company.

Both own property In Belize and are tied into the culture and the economy. In fact a Government official sold one of the owners their home and opened the door to the proper way to do international business in Belize. He also introduced the pair to the right people to help establish their business for the long term. The contact continues to provide consultation and guidance on projects that will help the country and those willing to support the projects on a global scale.  
Their goals are to:
A) Make an impact in the lives of the less fortunate in Belize and elsewhere.
B) Create jobs for the numerous unemployed in Belize and elsewhere.
C) Become leaders in the quest to clean up the environment with a project that utilizes used tires, creating various “unique” practical, low cost useful products.
Some of the uses for these products include but are not limited to:
A) Lawn and parking lot ornaments. Replicas of all kinds of animals in various sizes.
B) Bike Racks for Businesses, Schools, Hospitals and Apartments . Virtually no bike racks exist and theft of bicycles is common place in Belize.
C) Toy houses for Children’s playgrounds or home use.
D) Unique Bar and Coffee Tables
E) Miscellaneous products that have profit margins of more than 500% the manufacturing cost.
The Belizers Companies Group 
Has developed what they believe is an h.y.i.p alternative and a “unique” opportunity to help global participants to develop “passive” and long term sustainable income.  The business plan is to build new manufacturing plants, purchase tools and equipment, along with materials, to create jobs for the people in the beautiful country of Belize.  This will enable them to manufacture a variety of unique, useful products that do not exist yet, as well as access all kinds of products which are imported from other countries.Imported products are quite expensive and obviously difficult for the average Belizean to obtain due to very low incomes. Many people in the country cannot find jobs because there are not nearly enough factories offering jobs for the thousands of unemployed people…this is the area Belizers intends to concentrate on.

There are only 350 thousand residents of Belize and there is a high unemployment rate. The company goal is to help reduce that rate through creativity, innovation and viable projects that create sustainable long term profits.
Project #1 – Consists of a manufacturing plant producing a variety of (Patent Pending) products made entirely from used tires that are totally useless and end up being burned, polluting the air or buried, contaminating the water supply.To participate in Project #1 by purchasing shares, you must register and create an account in Belizers.  Shares in the initial project are starting at USD $25 per share.

Minimum purchase requirement to qualify as a shareholder is 1 share (USD $25), with no maximum number of shares until all shares per project are sold. The Return/Rebate on shares is set currently at 1% per value of shares owned and paid via our Automated Payment System on the company website.  Shares will remain active for a period of 150 business days. Payments will be made Monday through Friday (excluding weekends and banking holidays).

The company accepts STP (Solid Trust Pay) and major credit cards on the website’s Automated Purchase System. They also accept PayPal, Payza, Bank wires, Western Union and MoneyGram.  Payments will be processed and added to members accounts upon receipt.

All shareholders will receive a Certificate of Ownership of shares in our company via email approximately 30 days after closing sales of shares. In addition, this will be recorded in the members back office.

More details of the project, such as the location of the manufacturing plant, full names and identities of the people heading the project, full names of any current and future employees/independent contractors, will be made available to all shareholders.

This is the first of many projects and each project will have a specified disclosure of rebates/returns that will be paid to share holders.
Up coming projects include but are not limited to:
A Cannery which will be the first Cannery in the entire country! This project has huge profit potential because after Mango season is over the company has to import Mango’s from Guatamala. This sends money out of the country as opposed to building their economy. The cannery will allow locals and tourists to consume genuine Belizian Mangos year round! With the company being the only Cannery in the country the profits will be staggering and the Government has a reason to support the project 100%.
Customized Tours- the company has already contracted with a number of tourist guides to create cashflow by taking tourists on towers to remote areas that are designed to provide an experience of a lifetime. This is a high profit margin venture since the labor cost is so low.
Your Invited to visit!
Fly out from Houston or Miami. Meet the independent contractors that work for the company. Shake hands with the government officials responsible for the guidance of the company founders. Discover the inter-workings of the economy, the problems and the solutions Belizers is working on and how you can assist them in making a difference. Get picked up in an air conditioned van with WiFI and experience the royal treatment as you explore the infrastructure of what is destined to be one of the largest international companies on the planet!
Get Paid To Spread The Word
Once you enroll you can get paid a bonus commission for sharing the project with others. Get paid 5% commission from the share purchases of people that you refer, get paid 3% commission from the share purchases of people that they refer and get paid 2% commission from the share purchases of people that they refer!
Enroll in Belizers Today and start earning income in a tropical paradise.
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Here are a few more pictures of items that will be part of the portfolio in project 1.

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