Automated Forex Trading Software & Passive Income

Automated Forex Trading Software

Automated Forex Trading Software

In the recent years there has been a growing industry in the automatic forex trading market which is the Forex Robot or Automated Forex SoftwareIndustry. A number of savvy entrepreneurs have developed software that will actually take you out of the equation towards generating hands free cashflow  from the Forex Market.

I have personally tried a number of different robots over the past year. I have personally used TrendTrimmer and the AutoSkimmer, Forex Killer, FapTurbo, Forex Autopilot ProFx, Double Eagle Break Out and a number of others. The most profitable for me was FapTurbo.

The software turned an account I started with $20,000.00 into $35,000.00 in just 5 days! I was blown away. Less than 3 days later I lost $20,000 in one night because of a dual problem.

1) No one told me that I should change the update time of my computer to the weekends so it does not update during the week when a robot is trading.

2) The FapTurbo Software places stealth stop losses so the brokers cannot manipulate the platform to trigger your stop loss. What happened to me is the robot got me into a trade and then my computer did an update and restarted. This left the fake stop loss registered with the broker. If the robot was still on the charts it would have gotten me out well before the fake stop loss target but it was not.

My account went so far negative I had a margin call and lost $20,000 it was a hard lesson to learn. In any event FapTurbo is a good product but the brokers quickly caught on to its methodology and the results began to diminish.

I eventually stopped using it and started trading myself. I did very well over the next 60 days averaging around 15% per month or more but it was too time consuming. I then discovered what I feel the next evolution in Automatic Forex Trading and purchased that software just recently. If you are considering generating passive residual income through the Forex Market you should consider investigating a number of non mechanical options.

One of the best ways to create passive forex profits without purchasing software or subscribing to a signal service and especially without having any prior knowledge to
Forex Trading is to let someone else do the trading for you. A good option is to have professionals who not only have experience in the Forex Trading industry but also have experience
with the new way of trading forex called Binary Options. This allows a seasoned trader to maximize their profits and minimize their risk by participating in
both methods of trading.

The company I am referring to is called Pip Mega and they are managed by a very seasoned team of online program administrators whose primary program
is called Fast Cash Mega. They own at least 3 other programs online that are all still in existence to this day and they each provide the ability of putting your
money to work for you to provide fixed daily returns for a predetermined time period.

The best part about allowing the traders at Pip Mega to trade for you is that you can start with as little as $10.00 and once you build your confidence you can
increase your account balance and there are no commissions or management fees to pay!

Because the returns are high yield there is also risk  as with any other type of trading so I suggest that you start with as much as you can afford to lose then
make a daily withdraw until you have all of your money back in your pocket. From that point on you can reinvest a portion of your profits while always keeping
some for yourself and you can never lose a nickel from that point on.

Alternatively if you are really conservative I recommend the Private Mutual Fund offered by Miguel Bain who is a seasoned trader with a 20 year track record of
trading. He will put your money to work for you and pay you a consistently monthly payment of as much as 7%. He is the real deal and offers video proof
of his methods and how he makes you money.

Check out the Private Mutual Fund today!

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