AdCoin XS Passive Income Plan (Had Potential but Flopped!)

The following post is for information purposes only. The company and product no longer exists as of July 2015. The program actually died well before then.

Here is the original post I wrote on the program. The links now redirect you to the leading product on the market if you are interested primarily in the streaming tv box.

If you have not heard of Ad Coin XS and the View XS Streaming Media Player you soon will.  This company has recently emerged as a hot item in the revenue share and
passive income arena. The company primarily sells web marketing services and marketing tools. They also plan to sell a number of real products the first of which has me wildly excited.

Its called the View XS Streaming Media Player and it is out of this world! I received my unit today and immediately connected it to my tv to see what all the hype is about. Needless to say in just a few minutes I was blown away by the HUGE quantity of movies, current and older available for view at no cost! I was even more blown away by some of the apps available and most importantly the realistic potential to dramatically drop my comcast cable bill!

Here is a picture of the unit I received

Ad Coin XS View XS Streaming Media Player

The only thing missing for me was my local channels, abc, nbc, cbs, fox pbs and wphl channel 17. I ran do home depot and picked up a $28.00 antennae and whala! I now had 56 local channels for FREE plus all the movies I could ever want to watch and more! I immediately ripped out the comcast box and packed it and the remote it came with into a box I will be taking to a drop off center. This unit will save me hundreds per year if not more than $1000.

So what does all this have to do with passive income?

I thought you would never ask!

As a member for as little as $10.00 per month YOU get to share in all profits generated from the sales of the View XS Streaming Media Player as well as other profits of the company on a daily basis! Your only requirement is to purchase some advertising that you can use or give away and view 10 advertisers websites for just 15 seconds each on a daily basis. Thats it! ion

There is an additional way to make residual income without recruiting by simply being a member. Thats right if you act fast and join our team before the masses find out about the program you could potentially see spillover into your team. The company pays commissions in a 2 x 15 forced matrix compensation plan and as a Diamond member you can earn up to 10 levels of commissions or over $4000 per month even if you never refer anyone to the program!

How is that for passive income?

Here are 7 reasons I suggest you consider joining AdCoin XS TODAY!

1) Everyone gets paid daily without sponsoring or
2) Our team has just started so the potential for spillover
is HUGE! You get paid on up to 10 levels of referrals
with a potential of $4000 per month even if you NEVER
refer anyone!
3) We are about to market one of the biggest technology
items to hit the industry! The View XS Streaming Media
player! This unit will virtually help people eliminate their
cable bills! YOU can get paid a share in profits daily
from all units sold just for being a member and viewing
10 ads per day!
There is NOTHING like this on the market and you cant
buy it at Best Buy or any other retailer! I received mine
today and a picture of it is attached to this email.
4) You only need TWO direct referrals to pocket over
$65,000 in monthly income. Lets FORGET about
the daily profit sharing. If you simply joined at the
$99 per month level and enrolled just TWO others
in your first 7 days in the business who did the same and
that continued for 15 short weeks, total a little less than 4
months, your matrix would be complete and you would
be earning over $65,000 per month!
5) Premium Advertising- Everyone who is a part of this
system is an entrepreneur and most likely involved in multiple
businesses. These are the ONLY people who are going to
see YOUR business, product or service! This is the EXACT
group of people you want to see your offers because most
are open to other income streams!
6) Timing- Most revenue share programs have a shelf life
of 12-24 months if they are run with integrity and a fairly
decent sustainable model. Ad Coin Xs doesnt even officially
launch until November 17th 2014!
There are less than 3000 members world wide as of todays date November 11th 2014!
Ad Coin Xs is designed to last well more than 24 months. The focus is on real product sales right out
of the gate to generate real profits. In addition income and account caps will be put in place in the future
to prevent the company from being smothered by the dangerous effect compounding of profits can have on cashflow.
7) Simplicity- Daily I get pitched on business opportunities that I cannot understand how it they work or how
people make money even after reviewing their website.
Here is simple it is to understand and profit from  Ad Coin Xs.
1) Choose a membership package from $10 per month to $99 per month. The higher the package the more money
you can make and the less that will be automatically used for repurchases.
2) Then buy as little as $10 -$10000 worth of ad packages. Each package allows you to get traffic
to any website you want. If you don’t have anything to promote put in or some other
charity website and give them the traffic.
3) View 10 ads each day for 15 seconds each and you get paid a percentage of daily profits 6 days per week for 85 days!
That’s it!
If you choose to refer others you can generate significant income.
 Join AdCoin XS TODAY! Watch our  8 Minute Presentation Then Enroll!
Buy at least $10 of advertising units and start getting paid daily
6 days per week!
Update as of mAY 5TH 2020 Ad Coin XS turned out to be a complete failure.
The program managed by Lehman Haines has disappeared leaving members hanging. The box they sold was based on a good concept but the android boxes in general have a number of distinct problems.
There is currently only ONE similar program you may want to consider adding to your portfolio in the Revenue Sharing Advertising Portal Space.
You can click the banner below to learn more.


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