What The Heck Is Bitcoin?

Why Buying Bitcoin Is Always A Good Idea

Why The Banks Fear Bitcoin?

How To Get A FREE Bitcoin Wallet?

Where Can You Buy Bitcoin?

If You want to buy up to $150 with a credit, debit card or pay pal I Suggest Going HERE to buy Bitcoin.  
there is a bit of a premium to pay but it will get you your bitcoin fast. 

If you want to buy more than $150 and get bitcoin fast and you can deposit cash into a local bank account I highly recommend Going Here To Buy Bitcoin You can make a deposit at a local bank. Simply view the list of sellers for the best price, place your oder, make your deposit at the local bank or credit union, scan and upload the receipt that shows proof of your deposit and have your bitcoin in your wallet in as little as an hour or two. The fee is a bit lower than the credit card option above but it varies based upon who you choose to buy from. Most people on this website charge 5% more than the current price of bitcoin and there is  a small fee for the platform. You can purchase thousands of dollars of Bitcoin with this provider. 

If you are NOT located in the United States you can find a number of places where you can buy bitcoin HERE

Now that you know how to fund your bitcoin account you may want to consider purchasing a Bitpay Visa Debit Card to convert Bitcoin to Cash when you're ready! You can transfer Bitcoin to the Bitpay Card account and have access to your cash from any ATM or use the card as a Visa anywhere in the world That Visa is accepted.  

Get your Bitpay Card HERE for just $9.95 in Bitcoin. 

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