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passive-residual-incomeWelcome to my blog. My definition of passive residual income (PRI) is money that comes to you on a consistent basis with little to no direct input from you. Examples of this type of income would be royalties paid to a music artist for a song they wrote or royalties from the sale of a book an author wrote, you get the picture.

The bottom line is that average folk can also create passive income in a number of ways if they get a bit creative and open their mind to think out of the box a bit.

My goal is to educate you about Passive Income, Residual Income and how the combination of these two concepts can provide you with an ongoing cash flow with very little effort. Creating this type of income is in most cases as simple as joining a program or resource and allowing everything else to be hands free, however with a little “thinking outside the box” you can also discover ways of generating Passive Residual Income from home by combining different services, strategies and techniques.

We encourage you to join our newsletter to discover options you may want to consider and the latest news we can find on legitimate ways for you to secure your financial future that do NOT require you to sponsor, recruit or participate in a money game/HYIP.  You will notice different categories that explain classifications created to assist you in understanding the different facets of passive income opportunities. There are three primary categories of ventures we will deal with.

1) Set Up  Do Nothing Programs. These are ventures that allow you to create an ongoing cash flow but do NOT require you to do anything else but sign up and perhaps some basic set up steps like confirming your email address.

2) Set Up Do Something Daily Programs. These are ventures that allow you to create residual income but require you to do something each day in order to receive that income.

3) Set Up Do Something Monthly Programs. These are ventures that allow you to profit from multiple residual income streams but require you to do something on a monthly basis to receive the income. Generally the tasks take less than 60 minutes per month to accomplish.


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