A Rebel Math And Financial Genius Creates A Cashflow Platform That Pays YOU 3% Per Day For 50 Days In Exchange For 30 Seconds Of Pushing Buttons Per Day!

-- Sergey Mavrodi Is Back! The Financial Genius Who Put Banks Out Of Business In The Nineties Is Determined To Do The Same On A Larger Scale & Share The Profits With YOU!

Sergey Mavrodi Has Made More Millionaires Than Any Other Man In History!
He Is The Founder Of The Peer To Peer Bitcoin Movement!

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  • Deposit from .05 - 1BTC and start earning Daily for 50 days. Total ROI 50%.
  • One Simple Daily Task. Takes About 13 Seconds then you get paid for that day!
  • Get Paid A Share Of ALL The Profits Up To 50 Global Members Make Daily!
  • Get Paid 2 X Infinity Level Commissions up to 1% through unlimited levels
  • NOT Peer To Peer Means NO Waiting For Confirmations, Fake Screen Shots etc. 
  • Withdraw Multiple Times Per Day WITH NO LIMITS
  • Get Paid 5% Binary Bonus Commissions When Your Income Matches On Each Side. Example: You Have $500 In Volume On Your Left And $500 In Volume On Your Right, a total of $1000 in volume. You Get Paid $25.00 which is 5% of the volume match! The System Calculates ALL Of Your Volume Through Infinite levels With A Daily Cap of 5 BTC Which Is Currently $5,000.00 Per Day!

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Key Points To Remember: 

1) NO Sponsoring Required To Get Paid A Share In ALL The Income Global Upline Members Are Making Daily! 
2) Just ONE 15 Second Daily Task To Complete To Earn 3% Per Day For 50 Days On Your Deposits! 
3) The Other Two Income Streams Are OPTIONAL If You Choose To Share The Program With Others! 

**Pocket Up To 10k Per Week If You Choose To Refer Others! Only ONE Personally Referred Person Adds TWO Additional Income Streams. Learn more by reacing the Q and A section of the website after you enroll and secure the highest spot on our team.

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