Forex Income Now! A Unique Concept That Failed! What To Do Now?

forex income now

forex income now DOUBLE the passive income

Forex Income Now had a plan that created a hybrid between a traditional managed forex trading account, an automated forex robot and a forex signal service.

In addition to the hands free forex income potential the program they paid members an additional  income stream through a referral rewards program that paid members through a 5 x 5 forced matrix compensation plan with no sponsoring requirement to get paid.

Most matrixes tend to stall at some point so the theory was that members could create additional income through forex profits through the trading portion of the program. The only problem was that the trading profits they were supposed to generate were dismal to none.

Once a person became a member of the program they got to choose between 5 forex brokers to open and fund their accounts. The unique thing was that the company did not charge any performance fees on the profits they generated for members unlike managed forex trading accounts. Most managed forex trading accounts charge a performance fee of 20-30% of the forex profits generated. .

After a broker was chosen the member signed a Letter of Direction authorizing the broker to allow the forex income now trading platform to be linked to the members account so that trades executed by the trading platform could be simultaneously entered for the members account based upon default settings that were loaded into the platform to offer the member a complete set it and forget it income stream.

The other appealing element to the membership is that unlike programs like forex income engine, other forex education training programs  and hundreds of forex indicators the hands free system offered by forex income now did not require any education about forex, trading, financial markets etc..

Well the company has come and gone and rather than go back to the mercy of an automated trading robot I have chosen TWO options that both provide hands free trading with some of the same benefits Forex Income Now had.

The first is a program offered by Pip Mega , a  private investment club run by a very reputable team of administrators. They have been trading the Forex Market for over 7 years and also trade Binary Options. They have also developed their own Forex Robots for automatic trading and participate in a number of other cash generating ventures to generate profits. In the trading arena they utilize multiple proprietary setups to determine when to enter and exit the market for maximum profit and minimum risk and they also have professional traders who trade manually when they find good opportunities.

Aside from forex they trade commodities (gold, silver and oil) but with lower volume. They also invest in “start-up companies” because of the relatively high ROI in those contracts.

Check out Pip Mega a new breed of automatic forex trading programs.

The second program is called Private Mutual Fund Private Mutual Fund offered by Miguel Bain who is a seasoned trader with a 20 year track record of trading. He will put your money to work for you and pay you a consistently monthly payment of as much as 7%.

He is the real deal and offers video proof of his methods and how he makes you money.

Check out the Private Mutual Fund today!

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