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From a Scuba Diving & Ski Shop:

"I immediately saw the value of this package with my advertising. I started using the package to use free vacations to bring clients in for Scuba instructions and certifications. Thanks Coastal." - Brian

From a Client's trip to Hawaii (Kauai):

"The Resort was fabulous, the view of the ocean and the surroundings were great. We went on a movie tour, we were at the gates of Jurassic Park, we were at the river and swung on the rope Harrison Ford swung on in the movie 'Indiana Jones' and in the field where they filmed 'Outbreak'. The people at the Resort were very friendly and helpful, THANK YOU!- Rich & Denise

As a Coastal Member Rich & Denise stayed at the Kauai Coast Resort for one week in a two bedroom suite at a luxury resort for only $695. Non Coastal Member price; $2,900! A savings of $2,205.00! With the purchase of a Level I Package they still put $910.00 in their pocket and have a lifetime of travel yet to use!

From a Window Replacement Company:

"I operate a window replacement company in Ohio, and have serious competition in the window industry. An Independent Rep. called on my company and set an appointment. Realizing how I could become different from my competition, purchased the package the same day, and will now use this to give away vacations to all of my clients purchasing windows. This will be a sure way for leverage over my competition!- Dave

From a Client's trip to Orlando, FL:

"We just wanted to Thank You so much for all of your help with Coastal and our honeymoon plans! The Vacation was fantastic; we really didn't want to come home. We loved the Orange Lake Resort and recommend that to any of your future vacationers. When we compared our prices to other vacationers at Orange Lake we were even happier!There is no doubt it was the greatest vacation I've ever been on and we look forward to doing it again. Thanks So Much!!!" - Ric & his wife

As a Coastal Member Ric and his new wife stayed at the Orange Lake Resort for one week in a two bedroom/two bath suite at a luxury resort for only $345. Non Coastal Member price; $1,200! A savings of $855.00!

From an Office Systems Company:

"I had never heard of Coastal Vacations before until my daughter approached me and told me about a Rep. marketing the package, and what we could use the package for. After setting an appointment with the Rep. I decided to use the vacations in the package, not to increase my sales but as a way of saying Thank You to all of our clients. We are very fortunate to already have the business. This was just an added bonus to our customers. Also after hearing the presentation realizing how simple the sales would be with Coastal, my daughter also became a member to market the package. Not only has Coastal helped me by saying Thank you to my clients, it has also given my daughter an opportunity of a lifetime. Thanks."- Bill & Megan

From a Client's Trip to Disney:

"Will and I Love to use our 'bonus' vacations in our package!"- Will & Julie  

As a Coastal Member Will and Julie enjoyed a 5-day and 4-night stay in Orlando and 1 free ticket to Disney's Animal Kingdom for a Grand total of $35.74! (No, that's not a typo.)

And a 2-night stay at the Palm Plaza Oceanfront Resort in Daytona Beach Florida for $22.78!Normally $378 plus taxes for two nights!

From a Restaurant Franchise:

"We have over 10 franchise restaurants, we heard about the Coastal Vacation package being used for promotions and incentives through one of our franchise owners. The Rep. was referred to the headquarters and presented the package to us. He showed us how we could use the package to promote all of our restaurants. We realized quickly that we would be able to use this package over and over again with only a one-time investment. It made such sense in helping out all of our franchises. Each franchise now calls us and orders as many vacations as they want to use for any of their promotions. Thanks Coastal." - Dennis  

From a Client's Fund Raiser and personal trip to Las Vegas:

"I would first like to thank you for the lovely presentation you made at our lodge meeting. The Program was a big HIT! Not only with our Members but for Fund Raising as well, we not only covered our cost but we also made over three thousand dollars! The great thing about it was that after we sold those tickets and gave away the prizes we had over 27 vacations left.

On a personal note I have to tell you, some friends and I decided on short notice we were going to Vegas this summer. We booked our flights online thinking we would get a good deal and then called for rooms. Well here we were with non-refundable plane tickets with no hotel rooms! As we called around to find a place to stay, there were no rooms available. The Casinos that did have rooms were way out of our price range. I then remembered Coastal Vacations! I called the first Hotel Book that had Las Vegas in it and the helpful man on the other side had over one hundred rooms at my disposal right on the strip for a third of the cost! We ended up having a great time all thanks to Coastal Vacations. Again thank you so much for this opportunity to learn about the program and I wish you and all your lucky customers the best!" - Michelle (President of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge # ***, Sheriff Dept.)

From an Experienced Travel Agent:

"I have owned a Travel Agency for over 10 years. Year after year the profit margin has decreased especially after 9-11. I was approached by a local Rep. in Ohio who sat down, explained the package to me and also showed me how much I could profit from offering the Coastal package to all my clients. I purchased the package the same day. It was hand delivered and my Rep. trained me in one week. I started marketing the package immediately to my clients. I hold group meetings right in my travel agency showing my clients the value. Realizing the savings on their travel needs for the rest of their lives makes for an immediate sale. I am now at a higher profit margin then I ever was.- Tange

From a Client's use of the Condo & Hotel Discount Cards:

"My family and I absolutely Love our Coastal Package! We especially enjoy having so many options for stays at Condos, Resorts and Hotels. We often check on pricing for our trips with one or more of the vendors in our package to see who has the best price even within our package. We scheduled a trip to Cocoa Beach, Florida and checked on pricing for a one-week stay in a two-bedroom/two bath Condo. We got prices from two different companies in our package. They both recommended the exact same Resort right on the beach, they even gave us the Resorts website to check it out. The website showed a price of $1995.00 for the week. One of the companies in the Coastal Package gave us a price of $880 and the other gave us a price of $695, both for the exact same week in the exact same Resort! Obviously we went with the best price. These prices were for 6 months out, pricing would have been even better if we waited to book closer to the Travel date however we needed to book early, but what a great price. Thank you Coastal for not only getting us better prices than the public but also allowing us price competitiveness within the package!- Aaron & Holly

From a Boys and Girls Club Raffle:

"I gave away a Disneyland Vacation, Anaheim, CA. for our Boys and Girls Club at Church to use in a raffle. We try to support the kids as much as possible, and I thought maybe this would help them out, as last year they only made a couple hundred dollars. They advertised ahead of time, that the vacation would be raffled, to see if it would generate more interest. Four times the number of people came to the function! There was so much excitement throughout the raffle and when they held up the framed certificate, every child ran to find their parents and/or grandparents to bid. One of the club directors started the bidding, then one after another when a grandmother upped the bid to $500! She was going to give it to her family because they had never been to a Disney facility. When all was said and done one of the parents had bid $675 and when they said "SOLD" he jumped out of his seat and yelled, "I'm going to Disneyland!" with his 3 children jumping all over him. It was wild!!! I am so Jazzed!" - Kathy

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