Bitconnect Cryptocurrency and Lending Platform A Good Concept That Failed

Bitconnect is no longer in operation in the U.S at least and perhaps the world over.

This post is left online for information purposes only. Bitconnect ceased operations in 2017.

At the time the post was written it was meant to share what made Bitconnect different than
other similar opportunities online.

1) Diversity of Profit Sources- The program is not only a means of getting a return on your money by lending

money to them but it is also a cryptocurrency coin just like bitcoin with a lot of
the same attributes of bitcoin. The coin is in the TOP 13 of over 900 cryptocoins
on the market. See proof here
The platform actually created the currency used to calculate and generate profits and that
currency is widely accepted by tens of thousands worldwide OUTSIDE of the
high return program.
2) Multiple Revenue Sources and Investment Options- 
There are multiple ways of generating income because it is a true cryptocurrency.
A) You can become a miner and earn free bitconnect coin by simply downloading a
wallet on your computer or designating a computer to be used to process transactions
on the network and in treturn you are awareded with free bitconnect coin. Same
as with Bitcoin but mining bitconnect is easier.
B) You can become a stake holder and just buy Bitconnect coin and hold it
and get paid 10% per month for doing it.
C) You can be a trader where you make profits daily of the fluctuations in price
using the back office exchange.
D) You can loan money to the platform and their software makes money from
the volatility in the price of bitcoin we average around 1% per day 7 days per week.
3)  Financial Solvency- The admin is NOT dependent upon new money coming in to pay out other investors.
The platform is primarily an exchange program where members are exchanging
funds amongst themselves this takes the burden off the platform to pay people
or to ever be in a position where they dont have the money to pay its obligations.
Virtually every other program of this nature has to take your money and turn it into
more money to give back to you. Bottom line is that this platform created the
currency we are getting paid and its instantly transferable to Bitcoin. The platform also
makes money off the fees when people exchange from Bitcoin to BItconnect or
Bitconnect to Bitcoin and that is all risk free profit for them!
4) Third Party Validated Value- Many people are buying the bitconnect coin and they know nothing about
the 1% per day or any of the other ways we make money. They are simply buying
the coin because it is a top 20 coin and they hope to make money off the potential
appreciation in price over time same as with Bitcoin.
5) Community- there are hundreds of thousands of users of the Bitconnect platform
and purchasers of Bitconnect Coin. There are offices around the globe as well as
meetings and conventions. This public exposure drives the price up and solidifies
the coin as a viable long term store of value and a medium of exchange because
many people especially in other countries will accept it in exchange for fiat currency
or other goods and services. Its in a nutshell like ethereum, ripple or any other other
reputable altcoins and the community growth continues to increase public confidence
in the coin.
6) Liquidity- Bitconnect offers virtually instant access to your available money anytime
you wish. Therer is no having to request a withdraw or waiting for approval to get a withdraw
etc. When you’re ready to sell you can do one of two things.
A) Transfer your Bitconnect to antother member and get your cash directly from them
B) Exchagne your Bitcoin for Bitconnect right on the platform in seconds and then
withdraw that Bitcoin to your extrenal Bitcoin wallet.
C) Exchange your Bitcoin for BItconnect on the platform then send the bitcoin direct
from the platform to A Bitpay account as an example where you can instantly get your
cash at an ATM or use the debit card they have anywhere Visa is accepted across the globe.
7) Compounding Potential- It only takes $100 to get started in the lending part of the program
but most importantly we can compound with as little as $10.00 for reinvesting. Virtually
every other program requires the purchase of a new package which can cost from
$200 or more to initiate compounding. The closest so called competitor would be USI
in regards to compounding alone and you would need $55 to compound your earnings
there. This means we can compound even 5 times faster than they can and more than
10 times faster than most any other program in the industry.
Normally compounding is the cause of the death of programs because most programs
cannot pay out compound debt when they are generating linear income. What makes
Bitconnect different and provides them the ability to do so is what I mentioned in the
Financial Solvency part of this explanation.
In a nutshell virtually every other high return program takes your money pays out
commissions then has to use what is left to generate more money to pay you all your
money back plus a profit.
With Bitconnect you deposit funds into the platform by sending those funds to
another MEMBER who has bitconnect and they get your Bitcoin. When you want
to withdraw you are listing your bitconnect fo sale and another MEMBER sends you their
bitcoin for Bitconnect. The company makes a commission from each transaction.
Some of the time you may be getting your Bitcoin from an admin account most
of the time it will be from other members. This puts very little burden on Admin
to pay out any money to anyone! This is what gives Bitconnect the platform and the
cryptocurrency the potential to be around for  a very long time.
Bitconnect May Be Gone But There are still Plenty of Passive Bitcoin Opportunities
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